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While we were away, War on the Rocks published “How the AP Got the Iran Inspections Story Wrong.” The Associated Press continues to switch URLs around, and what they claim to be the document on inspecting Parchin seems to have disappeared from their site. There have been continuing arguments about this on Twitter, although by the end of last week the volume had gone down. The first couple of paragraphs are below the fold. You’ll have to go over to WotR for the rest.

A new controversy over a small facility on an Iranian military base at Parchin now threatens to blow up the support President Obama needs to get the Iranian nuclear agreement past Congress. Unfortunately, the controversy is the result of shoddy reporting and a poor understanding of nuclear inspections.

The Parchin site, which is southeast of Tehran, has been the subject of scrutiny for a number of years. Iran may have carried out experiments there that would help it design a nuclear weapon. In connection with the recently negotiated Iran deal — the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) — the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and Iran have agreed on a plan to investigate allegations of work that might be related to nuclear weapons design (the IAEA term for this is possible military dimensions, or PMD). Parchin is a military site, not a declared nuclear site under regular IAEA surveillance.

Mark Hibbs and Thomas Shea published an article saying similar things. Shea is a former IAEA inspector.

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