Locust Plague

Swarms of locusts are devastating southern Russia. (Photo)

The IMF predicts that Russia will lose 9% of its GDP because of sanctions. A longer read on the role of sanctions in a strategy toward Russia.

Robert Conquest, historian of the Soviet Union, has died at 98.


Pretty much everything that could, went wrong on the Nagasaki bombing mission.

Japan was investigating nuclear bombs during World War II, but didn’t have the materials.

The 70th anniversaries of the bombs dropped on Japan, August 6 and 9, will bring more discussion of whether that should have been done. I think this argument gets it mostly right: Truman and his advisors had lived through six years of terrible war; a new weapon had just been tested after a grueling development; there was no way they would not have used it. Today’s arguments of alternatives to the bombings look at the decisions from the point of view of comfortable lives (usually) in America or Europe not threatened by war. And a point of view informed by the 70 years since the bombs were dropped. None of that applied in 1945. And that’s why we built international organizations afterward to make sure that such a war never happened again.


Interactive map of where the US gets its electricity.

Pakistan may be becoming less externally belligerent in order to deal with its internal problems.


A list of members of Congress and others who support the Iran Deal.

More on sanctions relief and snapback.

President Obama’s speech at American University on the Iran Deal. 

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  1. The Blog Fodder says:

    There are three of Robert Conquest’s books I need to read so badly. I love his second law “Most organizations appear to be run by the secret agents of its enemies”.

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