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Lots of good summaries and discussions are now appearing about the nuclear deal with Iran. The ones I post overlap somewhat, so pick and choose – you don’t have to read them all!

Graham Allison – 9 Reasons to support the Iran Deal. Some good baseline common sense here.

Jeffrey Goldberg interviews John Kerry.

Fact sheet with responses to objections to the Iran Deal. From the Council for a Liveable World.

The Iran Deal – A Definitive Guide, from Harvard’s Belfer Center. There’s a lot just in this document, with arguments pro and con.

Andreas Persbo and Mark Hibbs answer 15 questions about the Iran Deal. These guys really know the IAEA in detail.

The documents, with annotations by US people involved in the negotiations, like Secretary of State John Kerry and Secretary of Energy Ernie Moniz. Even I haven’t read this.

Probably the best thought out piece I’ve seen from opponents of the deal – The Washington Institute

The limits of sanctions.

Some behind-the-scenes gossip from the Iranian side. I have seen more of this tweeted today, waiting to see if someone can report and confirm more of this. This is part of the material, too. It’s mainly color to add to the rest of the news.

Arab nations are now supporting the deal.


And a bleg: Have you seen a document that says that Iranians, not the IAEA, will take samples at Parchin? If so, please leave a link in the comments or tweet it at me – @cherylrofer.



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