Endel Lippmaa

Endel Lippmaa, an Estonian Leader without Portfolio, Dies at 84. I met Lippmaa once or twice. He was a nuclear physicist who worked hard to regain his country’s independence from the Soviet Union. He and his students did a lot of groundwork on the Sillamäe tailings pond that helped in its remediation in 2009. He was very opinionated and sometimes hard to get along with, as is recounted in the linked article. Photo from Postimees.

The US Congress is holding hearings on the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, the nuclear agreement with Iran. Republican representatives and senators, in particular, are not showing themselves proud. William Saletan is horrified and declares the party unfit to hold the presidency.

Thomas Pickering lays out the basics of the agreement, including arguments for and against various aspects.

Why AIPAC, following the lead of Binyamin Netanyahu in lobbying against the agreement, may be in sad shape if they succeed.

What the opponents of the deal get wrong about history.


Russia – A Different Kind Of Threat Not going away any time soon.

Russia has been having a lot of trouble with its military equipment lately. Here’s just one example.


America classifies too much information. Several good points here, especially about reclassifying information after it’s been declassified or leaked.

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