If you’re new to Nuclear Diner, welcome! And welcome if you’ve been here before, too! Here are our recent Iran posts:

Yes, there is an Iran deal

The fun part of the JCPOA

Taking samples – not as simple as you might think

The Volunteer Verification Corps

The JCPOA – Monitoring uranium enrichment

Twenty-four days


The photo is of the Narva River, the border between Russia and Estonia, from the Estonian side, a few kilometers outside the town of Narva. I took it about this time of year in 2011.

Nice timeline and explainer for the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, othewise known as the Iran Deal.

Olli Heinonen, a former IAEA inspector, is quoted by opponents of the Iran Deal. But Thomas Shea, another former IAEA inspector, thinks it’s a very good agreement indeed.

Paul Pillar has some sensible things to say about the agreement. John Bolton wants war.


Mysterious sleeping sickness in northern Kazakhstan. I’ve worked with Sergey Lukashenko. The article suggests that the sleeping sickness may be mass hysteria. As I read the article, I thought about the mass die-off of saiga antelope on the steppe and wondered if there might be a virus causing both. The range of the antelope seems to be around the affected cities.


What we know about Alexander Litvinenko’s death by polonium poisoning. Closed hearings continue this week.


Mother Jones: Why we need nuclear power.


Why I give my students a ‘tragedy of the commons’ extra credit challenge.

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