Iran deal 150714

Excellent summary of the basics of the deal.

Some critics would like to drop the deal and start over, although they don’t say how that could happen. This article deals with that objection.

No, the UN vote doesn’t usurp Congress’s role. It’s not just the US that has been negotiating with Iran. Also, if Congress wants more of a role, it might stop giving its powers to the Executive Branch.

Questions to apply for your own analysis.

Two of the more thoughtful criticisms of the deal, from The Week and Commentary.

Buying time to work out issues is often said to be the purpose of diplomacy. This article makes that point and that we can’t just sit back now. Some of the longer-term things that should begin asap.


Here’s the +1: An armored train in Russia during and after World War I. Remarkable story and pictures.

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