Investigative reporting on Russian propaganda: A Pro-Kremlin network of websites and Russia trolls Finland. Also: A Russian reporter leaves the NTV network because he can’t report honestly. Russian propaganda in and about the Baltic states. Those quotes you think you remember? Think again.

Russian military problems: A barracks collapses in Omsk, killing 23 soldiers. Russian planes are crashing more frequently, as Russia steps up its operations.

The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe condemned Russia’s actions in Ukraine.


Russia disputes Ukraine’s complaints about cooperation on provision of nuclear fuel.


The videos the CIA made to tell Ronald Reagan about the Soviets.


Sir Paul Nurse, president of the Royal Society, says that Tim Hunt deserved to lose his job. Nurse has been a strong supporter of women’s rights but hasn’t spoken out until last week. I suspect he’s hoping that his statement will put an end to the uproar, but from what I see on Twitter, the “men’s rights advocates” aren’t giving up.


This is an excellent exposition of what’s wrong with a lot of articles on the internet. I try to run down the basis for a lot of claims about science and technology and often reach a dead end. Numbers matter, but they are used less and less, and the connections back are often broken or erroneous. Also: how to spot lousy graphics.


The shocking rise in Russian cat aggression.

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