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There’s a ton of good and not-so-good general commentary on the Iran deal. I linked to some of the better early stuff here. The torrent will not let up any time soon.

Some of the commentators, but definitely not all, have read the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action. Most have not read the annexes. I could, as many have, look at the bigger picture: what does this do to Iran’s ability to make a bomb? To its relations with its neighbors or the world? To its internal affairs? What will be the reactions of Congress, Israel, countries that might sell stuff to Iran? Those articles are already showing up. Or should I nerd through the documents section by section, paragraph by paragraph, word by word? That’s an approach that always tempts me, but it can be boring to the reader.

What I propose to do is to make some chunks that don’t correspond in a simple way to the JCPOA organization, but rather make sense to me in some way that I haven’t seen addressed (or addressed well) elsewhere. This may look quirky, but does anyone come to Nuclear Diner for coverage that looks like the MSM?

Hopefully that will lead to some detailed consideration of the nerdy bits while providing a more interesting and informative context than calculating the numbers the IAEA will have to look for. I’m happy to try to incorporate your questions or concerns in my analyses. I already have a few of those. You can leave questions in the comments or tweet them to @NuclearDiner.

Tentatively, some themes that are now rattling around in my head:

  • The fun parts of the JCPOA – scientific collaborations (now writing this)
  • Russia’s part
  • Stuff that isn’t said in the JCPOA

And now, I’m going to pull myself away from the torrent of commentary to write.


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