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The ministers before the final plenary.

Here’s the text. I’ve tweeted some of my initial impressions. It will probably be tomorrow before I can post on it. Overall, well done! Here are some immediate links.

Backstory that couldn’t come out before a deal was done.

Statement by Vladimir Putin. 

Julian Borger: 18 Days in Vienna.  The key points of the deal, in case you don’t want to read all 150+ pages.

Laura Rozen: Nuke deal chance for ‘new chapter’ with Iran.

Borger and Rozen are the best journalists I’ve been following on Iran.

Now Congress will weigh in. Tom Cotton, Lindsay Graham, and others who have opposed the deal all along condemned it long before they could possibly have read it. Here are a couple of more thoughtful conservatives: Daniel Larison and Jeffrey Goldberg.

Lots more out there, but I’ll end with this:

Added later: Aaron David Miller, Robin Wright, and Richard Dalton say similar things, but with different slants.


Peter Beinart: “When critics focus incessantly on the gap between the present deal and a perfect one, what they’re really doing is blaming Obama for the fact that the United States is not omnipotent.”

Jeffrey Lewis tells us about the leaks to come and other things. In relation to Jeffrey’s point, here’s one of my tweets from earlier today:

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