More on the protests in Armenia from Paul Stronski and PONARSEurasia.

Evidence that Russian generals are leading the separatists in Ukraine. Who those generals are.

Timothy Snyder on the courtesies of bilingualism in Ukraine. BTW, read everything Snyder writes. He understands the history of Ukraine and the rest of the region between Germany and Russia far better than most commentators.

Finland suspects that Russia is using a Croatian firm as a front to buy into Finland’s nuclear power program.

Video from a Norwegian F-16 intercepting Russian planes over the Baltic Sea.

Smuggling of nuclear-related items into Iran has been a problem. It was listed in the April outline for an agreement, but there hasn’t been much in the news about it, probably because it’s a kind of dull bookkeeping sort of issue. But it’s important.

Interview with Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Majid Ravanchi.

Don’t expect a nuclear agreement to be announced between Iran and the P5+1 today or tomorrow. Today is the anniversary of the US shooting down an Iranian passenger plane, and tomorrow is US Independence Day. Not good optics.

The father of Iran’s nuclear program tells how it all began.

The next step in arms control is likely to involve counting individual warheads. How can you count them if you can’t see them? Current approaches summarized here.

This doesn’t exactly say how the next US nuclear accident could happen, but it points to an important vulnerability: private contractors work for a profit motive. Maybe that’s not good enough for government work.


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