Today is the deadline for the Iran talks, but they will continue for another week or two.

Jim Walsh’s testimony to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee is a good summary of how to look at an agreement.

Five former officials of the Obama administration issued a statement on the talks. David Sanger of the New York Times presented it as criticism of what the administration has been doing in the negotiations; he has been quite hawkish in his articles, particularly during this latest round of negotiations. Robert Einhorn, one of the officials, says that was not the case at all – the statement supported the administration with a bipartisan group. And no, I’m not linking the Sanger article – you can find the link in the Einhorn article.

Dexter Filkins – The Stakes of the Iran Talks. I’m using the title from the url – the headline is misleading. Photo from here.

Robin Wright – The War That Haunts Iran’s Negotiators. That’s the war between Iran and Iraq in the 1980s.

Added later: Mark Hibbs on the negotiations with Iran and Greece and on possible follow-on to an agreement with Iran. Thomas Pickering has been an important behind-the-scenes negotiator with Iran.


Richard Dawkins and eight Nobel laureates have decided to defend Tim Hunt by sliming one of the reporters who wrote about his sexist remarks. This is, sadly, of a piece with the sexism of Hunt’s comments. If the women won’t let us say whatever we want, then we’ll destroy them. I’ve been the subject of that kind of thing, as have most women in science.

The reporter, Connie St Louis, has now been defended by her university. Added later: and the Association of British Science Writers.

Janet Stemwedel outlines the sad old pattern.

Professor Uta Frith, chair of the Diversity Committee of the Royal Society.

Lavinia Collins, author.

Why old men should be banned from science. By a man.

This goes beyond the Tim Hunt thing, but I would recommend it to Richard Dawkins and his eight friends. The inherent psychology we’ve got to get past in order to be good scientists.


The EU is funding a project to develop fuel for Russian-designed VVER pressurized water reactors. Another step away from dependency on Russian energy supplies.

Very convoluted story of a call for moving up Russia’s elections. I can’t say I understand the politics, even after reading this. But it’s another indication of the kind of thing that Vladimir Putin keeps getting himself into.

Russia has banned the internet’s “Wayback Machine.” The better to falsify history.

Selection from Ivan Ilyin, one of Putin’s favorite writers.

Added later: This is silly, probably a distraction from a military buildup on the Russian-Ukraine border inside Ukraine. Potentially, a Russian justification for invading the Baltic states.


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