The NordBalt cable to supply Lithuania with electricity from Sweden has been completed, despite Russian attempts to disrupt the operation. More here about how sanctions against Russia are encouraging Europe toward becoming less energy-dependent on Russia. Photo from here.

Some good facts and numbers here on Russia’s military, but overall a superficial treatment.

And now Vladimir Putin wants to start an argument with Japan over the Kurile Islands?

As I’ve said before, Russia is overextending credit to other countries to build reactors. Now it looks like it doesn’t even have the resources to build its own.

Belarus really isn’t in a position to do much cozying-up to the United States.

As we move toward a nuclear agreement with Iran, its influence in the Persian Gulf area will change. Saudi Arabia, Israel, and others are concerned that it will become too powerful. But it’s going to be more complex than that.¬†We need to start thinking about this by getting facts straight and not relying on slogans.

There’s a lot I don’t agree with John Schindler about, but this post about Edward Snowden is about 90% spot-on. The evidence for a US government hack of Angela Merkel’s phone just isn’t there. That’s true of a lot of Snowden’s revelations.

Now I’m pretty much caught up on links and maybe can start writing something.


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