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Now let’s look at Iran, Japan, North Korea, India and Pakistan, maybe Israel, the US, and some not easily classifiable topics.

Looks like not much took place in the negotiations while I wasn’t paying attention. Robert Einhorn brings us up to date. Photo from here.

A rather lengthy and mathematical accounting of Iran’s 5% enriched uranium stocks. I haven’t run the numbers in great detail, but there are no obvious errors. The money quote is one I’ve been putting forward with regard to the negotiations:

Avoid turning glitches into crises.

Japan needs about 35 working nuclear reactors by 2030 to achieve the government’s long-term energy strategy to return the country’s dependence on nuclear energy to slightly under the level it was before the 2011 Fukushima disaster.

Does North Korea have secret nuclear sites? The US State Department thinks it may.

Tension is rising between India and Pakistan.

A big new computer hack involving the hotels hosting the Iran negotiations and Kaspersky, among others. Suspicion is on Israel.

Three from Frank Munger: Vulnerable cyber security at NNSA site, ORNL reactor back on line, and cleanup delays at the Paducah uranium-enrichment plant.

Some congressmen got upset that we’re dismantling some of our nukes, and offered an amendment to stop the “unilateral disarmament.” We are still a few thousand nukes and many other weapons away from unilateral disarmament, of course. The amendment failed. If it hadn’t, the nukes the military don’t want would have to be stored.

Paying for nuclear reactors.

Big oil is going after big coal?

Twitter is getting pretty good at calling out the idiocy of some male scientists.


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