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I’ve been away two weeks, and the links are piling up! Let’s start with Russia.

Russia challenges the IAEA’s designation of Sevastopol (in Crimea) as being part of Ukraine. This kind of thing will go on until Russia removes itself from occupying this part of Ukraine. The United States and other countries never recognized the Soviet Union’s occupation of the Baltic states. The same should happen with Crimea, and good for the IAEA, and by extension the UN, for doing this.

Crowd-funding the war in Ukraine. Although I wonder whether these websites aren’t a cover for Russian government funding of its military.

One of the reasons that Russia can’t bring more military power to bear on Ukraine is that it has a long border with China, which is also being territorially aggressive just now. No guns in action, but changing town names is also a challenge.

Vladimir Putin has been bragging about lots of new military hardware to come. This kind of thing has been vaporware in the past, but Bloomberg News says that there seem to be dollars in Russia’s black budget to build at least some of it this time. Photo from here.

Sanctions are keeping Russia from drilling for oil in the Kara Sea.

Putin’s strategy has weakened Russia.

Russian ships tracked Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s ship in the Baltic Sea.

There still isn’t a clear public explanation of the US’s claim that Russia has violated the INF Treaty. Some informed guesses here.

Why is Vladimir Putin always late? Spoiler: we don’t know. And Lyudmila should have dumped him after two fifteen-minute late dates.


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