Another gaseous diffusion 600K31 150527enrichment plant at Oak Ridge bites the dust. (Photo from Frank Munger’s Knoxblog)

Kazakhstan has signed an agreement with the IAEA for a reserve of low-enriched uranium in the country. Kazakhstan has been positioning to become an international nuclear fuel supplier, and this is one more step in their plan.

A new shape for fusion reactors? Unlike a lot of reporting on developments in nuclear fusion, this looks like the real thing.

Paul Goble: Responding to the new Russian challenge. An overview of how Russia is challenging Western values, and what the West might do in response.

Long Reads:

A view of Russia’s actions from the advisor to the Latvian defense minister.

From the Latvian Institute of International Affairs – The different faces of “soft power”: The Baltic States and Eastern Neighborhood between Russia and the EU. A report with many chapters by different authors. I haven’t read it all yet.

How Russia’s legalistic rhetoric can change international law.

















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  1. The Blog Fodder says:

    Read Paul Goble and the Latvian article. Both excellent. Wish I had time to read the other two as they look well worth reading. Saved all of them. Many thanks

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