Rad source

France’s nuclear supplier Areva is in deep trouble.

The strange trend of Mexican thieves stealing radioactive material by accident. Looks like some instruction for users of radioactive sources would be a good idea. Photo from here. 

Phase 2 accident report on the radiation release at WIPP.

An old aircraft carrier with radioactive waste concreted into it has been found off the California coast. Not dangerous.

A status report from inside Ukraine, which a person living in Ukraine says is very much on point.

More on the very complex issues of ethnicity and language in Ukraine.

Could it have been otherwise? Stephen Sestanovich reviews relations between Russia, the United States, and NATO since the breakup of the Soviet Union.

How disconnected is the Moscow elite? Mark Galeotti is a capable commentator on Russian issues, but it’s hard for anyone to know exactly what is going on in the higher reaches of the Kremlin. I take articles like this as indicative, not definitive.

Who’s afraid of Russia Today? That’s the network RT, Russia Today. How effective is RT in the West?

Comparing Russia’s and the US’s nuclear arsenals.

Want to know more about Iran’s various models of gas centrifuges for enriching uranium? Models and explanations here. The explanation of centrifuge cascades is not very good, though. I like mine better.


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  1. The Blog Fodder says:

    Thanks for the links. I do not know about RT et al but it is the useful idiots who really bother me. Especially two of them for whom I used to have a great deal of respect. Bill Blume’s books and links went out the window when he compared FDR to Stalin and said things were not so bad in the USSR. that was last fall. Today I saw an article by Noam Chomsky which touted the Kremlin lines like a pro. Why? These guys are anti imperialism only when it involves America but can ignore or condone it when it involves Russia or China? (I am like the Irishman who got off the boat in New York and said “Who’s the government? I am against it”. I am anti-imperialism. Period.

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