Kevin Drum is being treated for cancer. His editors have asked his blogfriends to contribute posts in his honor. Here’s mine. I tried to condense what I’ve been saying about Iran in a way that Kevin might. I see that I’m much more longwinded.

Russia is getting upset about Sweden’s and Finland’s getting closer to NATO. This is a machine translation; I usually try to get the general gist from a translation like this, but don’t trust details. The map is from the CIA collection, via Wikipedia.

The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists is hosting a discussion on reprocessing of spent nuclear fuel. Reprocessing recovers the plutonium and uranium in nuclear fuel that can no longer generate the heat to generate electricity. All reactors produce plutonium, and reprocessing can be a way to accumulate plutonium for nuclear weapons. It has been developed in a few countries, but costs can be high.

Swedish position paper on nuclear disarmament.

Several variants on this report appeared in the past week. I can’t figure out whether the news is that North Korea has a missile on which a nuclear weapon might be mounted, whether one American general believes that they have a nuke to go with that missile, or how far such a belief might be held. One thing I am sure of from other sources is that they have tested neither the missile nor the nuke.

Behind the scenes at the Iran talks.

An Iranian professor questions the Iranian nuclear program.

Iran is calling, in the United Nations, for the major nuclear powers to disarm.

There’s an argument going around that a deal with Iran will fail, just as the 1994 Agreed Framework with North Korea did. Most of the people making that argument blame President Bill Clinton for making the agreement. But it was President George W. Bush who withdrew from it. There are lessons to be learned, however.

It turns out that George Schultz and Henry Kissinger proposed a deal with IranĀ in December 2013 much like the one they now object to.

Why Turkey won’t go nuclear. In response to the argument that a deal with Iran will cause other states in the region to proliferate.



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  1. The Blog Fodder says:

    If the Kremlin is opposed, it must be a good idea for those countries involved. If one wishes to know what Putin is thinking or is going to do or has done, it is simple to see what they are condemning other for doing or planning. Play the victim to the hilt and do the exact things you blame the “aggressors” for. Pictures of Putin and Lavrov give me the same nauseous reaction that pictures of W once did.

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