Let’s look at some things besides Iran.

The first Soviet nuclear test (video).

Images of the first contract for the laboratories at Oak Ridge.

Pavel Baev: Russia’s nuclear threats are worrying.

Lots of Russian propaganda bots on Twitter.

Intent of Russian military aircraft near U.S. shores remains unclear. “They’re obviously messaging us.” Well, yes. It’s part of Vladimir Putin’s strategy to put Russia back on the strategic map. With global warming, we can expect to see more of this in the Arctic as countries vie for influence.

Statement on Ukraine from International Crisis Group.

Armenia is building relations with Europe and China. Looks like some counterbalancing against Russia.

New START Treaty Aggregate Numbers of Strategic Offensive Arms. The official State Department numbers. One of the arms control interactions with Russia that continue.

US missile defense is not working. Some thoughts on why.

How to deal with old, contaminated buildings in the US DOE complex. Photo is from here: Y-12’s Alpha-5 building at Oak Ridge.

“Unsuitable behavior” among agents who transport nuclear weapons in the US.

On the more positive side, people like to make lists of books for others to read. Steven Weinberg just provided a fairly pompous one. Speaking of messaging, his message seems to be that his tastes in science reading are higher-class than the rest of ours. I’ll go with this recommendation.

This could be positive or not, depending on your views.

Experts are better at escaping motivated reasoning.


And Iran too.

The New York Times’s man in Iran.



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