ABC News reported on the Nuclear Innovation Workshop I attended this week. I hope to post on it soon.

An interactive feature on nuclear arsenals of the world.

I’ve said this kind of thing before about “breakout times” in the Iran negotiations, but it’s always worth repeating.

Interesting idea on denaturing Iran’s uranium stockpile. Might be a bit too complicated for the negotiators, though.

A recent report on the 2007 break-in at South Africa’s Pelindaba nuclear facility says that the intruders wanted plans for South Africa’s pebble bed reactor. There has been no good explanation of what they were after, but something like enriched uranium seems more likely. The report comes from supposedly leaked classified documents. Reporters might take a more critical look at documents like this to see if they make sense and if they are faked.

Hungary, like Russia, is getting into the fake citizenship business.

Russia is considering allowing China to buy majority control of oilfields? Really? One of the dangers Russia faces in increased relations with China is that it will become simply a supplier of raw materials to China.

An optimistic look at Ukraine. 



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