I’m trying something new here. I’ve been posting links regularly in a forum. But they don’t show up as well on our front page, and I often have short comments to make about them. So let’s see how they work as a blog post. Let me know your preferences in the comments.

Reopening a court case on the disappearance of enriched uranium in the 1960s from a plant in Pennsylvania. The general sense is that the uranium went to Israel, but there is no publicly available firm evidence of that.

Probably the best information available on North Korea‘s nuclear stockpile and strategy. The photo is of a North Korean missile test from The Guardian.

If you’re a regular Nuclear Diner reader, none of this will be new to you, but a summary of the differences on Iran between US President Barack Obama and Israel’s Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is helpful. It has a nice diagram of how a centrifuge works.

Kazakhstan calls early elections. The most interesting thing about this article is its claim that Russia cannot foment a separatist movement in Kazakhstan’s north.

The EU has an energy plan to move away from dependence on Russian natural gas. A fair bit of doubt has been expressed as to whether the EU can make these changes happen.

Long article: The West is stronger than it and Vladimir Putin think. Self-criticism is an indication of that strength. But Europe does need to pull up its socks and maintain a unified front.

An English translation of that alleged Kremlin paper planning the takeover of Crimea and other actions in Ukraine. This is a good blog to follow if you are interested in figuring out the source of this paper. It’s not at all clear yet that it’s genuine or where it came from.

Background on the latest Russian and Ukrainian moves relative to natural gas supply.


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