A confusing variety of opinions on the Russian far right.

Ukrainian officials have claimed, and Russian officials have denied, that Russia used tactical nuclear weapons on the Lugansk airport. If nuclear weapons were used, the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty Organization’s International Monitoring System would pick up both seismic signals and radioisotopes in the air. They’ve said nothing, so the Ukrainian officials are wrong here.

Timothy Garton Ash on what Europe needs to do in response to Russia’s aggression in Ukraine.

Vladimir Putin’s officemate in Dresden tells all!

On the more peaceful side of things, Rosatom’s Zheleznogorsk facility has produced its first mixed-oxide (plutonium and uranium) reactor fuel pellets.

There was a flurry of attention this past week to the announcement that Syria declared another chemical weapons facility for the production of ricin to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons. Ricin is a poor agent for chemical weapons, and its disclosure seems to be part of the continuing interaction of Syria and the OPCW. Not a big deal.

Bechtel, which now has a significant part in managing the nuclear weapons complex, shifts some of its executives around. Is what’s good for Bechtel corporate good for the nuclear weapons complex?

This is potentially an important article on climate change policy from a former official in the Obama administration. What I think he misses is that the role of carbon dioxide is broadly unambiguous. The questions he raises about the models are fair, but it’s not clear that those levels of detail need to affect policy. The downside of raising them is that they will be added to the deniers’ armamentarium of “Yes but”s.

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